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Overview Of Biotechnological Research On Collagen


  Collagen is a hydrolyzed collagen that helps regulates the body’s metabolic state by providing enzymatically digested collagen of a low molecular weight that is rapidly absorbed in the digestive tract. Collagen provides important amino acids often missing in most diets. Normal food sources provide significant amount of tryptophan, cysteine, methionine and histidine, however the Collagen formula has high amounts of glycine, lysine and praline, those are often found in low amounts or are even missing in other foods sources or supplements. Collagen becomes important as a dietary supplement (along with normal diet of other proteins) since age induced wear and tear of the connective tissues increases as we age ( past 25 years of age).

  This formula contains high level of the amino acid glycine, which helps the liver detoxify stored chemicals。 It actually was helpful in speeding recovery from injuries。

  Collagen is an animal based hydrolyzed collagen protein powder from grass fed beef, which contains biologically active peptides. It can be mixed warm tea or juice, and absorbed the fastest when it is not mixed with foods or other fluids that contain proteins or amino acids.

  Collagen is exceptional because it has a molecular weight less than 1000. The low molecular weight results in extremely rapid absorption from the intestinal tract.

  The rapid speed of absorption and the distinctive spectrum of amino acids in this formula will positively impact a large number of metabolic pathways, with immediate positive improvement effect on: mental alertness, mood, mental clarity, concentration and energy.

  Collagen is the most abundant fibrous protein in the human body, it provides the specific amino acid building blocks needed to build and repair。 Collagen The body's natural ability to repair supporting connective tissues ( bone, joints, cartilages, tendons, ligaments, skin, hair and nails) and maintain hydration of cells diminishes with age。 Collagen provides missing link in supplying additional amount of amino acid like glycine, lysine and praline, which are specifically needed by body to build connective tissue structures and to regulate functions of cells。 Unprocessed dietary collagen cannot be absorbed easily into the digestive tract making the benefits undetectable and therefore useless as a supplement

  The amino acid composition of collagen protein is much different from the meat and vegetable protein that people usually consume in their diet。 Because standard diets do not contain high level of these three amino acids many people are unable to meet all their nutritional needs for increased collagen synthesis and repair when their bodies are placed under stress。

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