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Strengthen International Cooperation and Realize a Win-Win Development - High-level China Times Group is invited to exchange and cooperate in the United States

With a view to further strengthening the era of China's top scientific research and international research institutions and institutions of cooperation, a better understanding of foreign research on the latest development and achievements, and also to the international academic communication and interactive platform.Beijing time, 2018 May 16 to 20 September 2007 (United States, May 15 - 19), Guangdong's good. The leaders of the group, China Times Group leadership by the United States at Cornell University and tenured professor Liu Rui - Hai Rui (),Millman, a Columbia University School of Public Health College, affiliated with the Center for the Study of Infection and Immunity, Dr. Cheng's invitation came to Cornell University and Columbia University, Infection and Immunity Research Center held a week of exchanges and cooperation.
Chinese president Jiang Ze root sent Mr. Infection and Immunity at Columbia University's Center for the Study of Cheng's, led by Columbia University visited the University main campus, Infection and Immunity, research centers and laboratories, pharmacy school, Columbia University and the Chinese understand the academic discussion of the history, and disease prevention,Health management and other aspects of the problems with the AC.
Guo led a delegation from Taiwan to visit the research center Dr.
Infection and Immunity at Columbia University research center affiliated with the Columbia Mill's school of public health of the world famous biodefense and emerging infectious diseases research center, which ranks as the only academic nature of the World Health Organization (WHO) diagnostic research center, as well as the most advanced molecular microbiology facility.And in many countries to maintain close cooperation with the Chinese Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have jointly established the first joint laboratory of new pathogens.
Millman's School of Public Health, Columbia University affiliated colleges of Columbia University's Center for the Study of Infection and Immunity, belongs to the top of the global institutions, China's era of high - rise and come so far, sought to put the world's most advanced scientific achievements, back to this country, for the benefit of citizens.Research Center senior fellow Dr. Cheng's early era came to China and visit the general headquarters and Jiang total envelopment, so impressed with the StarTimes in research and innovation funding, as well as the international standard of production base and production capacity.In the sense of avoidance of Columbia University Research Center, both in the warm and friendly atmosphere of the full AC, depth, and many, many researchers and the general good, Times executives, witnessed by Chinese president Jiang Ze era in Mr. Guo and Dr health management, extra - medical era and signed a strategic cooperation agreement,Guo and hired Dr. era (China) Group, a senior researcher, exchanges and cooperation with StarTimes to "go global, bringing in" strategy of scientific research with far - reaching significance.
Good Pu Sheng Yan Chairman Shigeru with the Columbia Center for the Study of Cheng's signed by Dr.
Chinese president Jiang Ze to hire Mr. Guo is a senior researcher Dr.
Age Group (China), President Jiang Ze in Mr. Columbia University College of Pharmacy in front of a place
The access of another station, U.S. Ivy League universities of Cornell University, and Cornell's colleges and universities in the world in 12th place.In the field of food science and nutrition and public health aspect and the third in the 5 - position of Rui Rui, Liu - hai (sea) professor of the Faculty of Food Science from Cornell University and tenured professor of toxicology (Vice - Chairman - cum - professor, tutor of doctoral degree, the international food academy.In early 2014, Liu Rui Hai academician of employment for Time Inc. 's chief scientist, will help in the development and manufacture of products.In the same year and was successfully selected Shenzhen Overseas Talent Peacock Class B plan.
Chinese president Jiang Ze in Mr. Liu Rui Hai and Prof.
In Liu Rui Hai, a professor, led a delegation from Taiwan visited the world's leading food research laboratories, all of the research facilities are necessary for basic and applied research, research in the field of diet and cancer, functional food, health food, and chronic disease prevention, as well as natural products, and medicinal herbs which are resistant to oxidation,Anti - aging and the prevention of the action mechanism, gene food and functional food on human health.
Cornell University headed by Professor Liu Rui Hai era (China) and his entourage of tour of the lab
her first visit to the cornell university exchange visits, marks the era of Cornell University (China) and the strategic relations of cooperation to further deepen and consolidate, but also for the future of sustained international exchanges and cooperation and establish a good foundation for the future to further develop international cooperation had played an important part of the propulsion effect,This significantly upgrade the internationalization of the quality of education and training, improving the internationalization level, is of great significance.
(era) in recent years, China has conducted international exchanges and cooperation of the top schools, president of StarTimes Zegen said mr StarTimes will comprehensively strengthen links with international institutions, constantly seeking to be the most competitive in the global scientific organizations and institutions, in collaboration with the co - cultivation of talents, product research and development,Study on the development of the industry to achieve the diversification of the form, at the same time to further optimize product structure, promote the product to the era of the refinement of modern and scientific.By lifting the innovation of the products, the world's most top products made in China, better service in the era of the partners, as well as giving Chinese products to the global market, truly lead the world in the high end of the oral liquid of fashion!
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